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Chemtrail Photos from Dee in Cutler Ridge, Florida

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I finally developed the still shots of the "contrails" that I took on March 1st (went to bed, sick, after that), and March 6.  A few really good ones showing the spider gauze spreading, and a couple really good shots of the big X right over my house, March 6th, here in Cutler Ridge, FL (north of Homestead, and south of Miami). None over the ocean, just over inhabited land, including Homestead Air Force Base.

Believe me, I became really ill immediately when I spent 25 minutes video'ng the first set on March 1, 1999.   Leg aches, knee joint pains, horrible, horrible raw throat.  Subsequent blood microscopy showed mycoplasmic infection, free radical damage, and an already low white blood count.

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Yesterday, March 17th, they were up there again.... many, many gauzed up spidery smears.... and saw another big one in the making far to the west....Could not get to a camera in time, before it got too dark..

Today, March 18th, more!  This time I had my camera ready!  There was an X over approximately Kendall, (south west of Miami), smeared gauzy clouds, and many more over to the west.. I took pictures from about 6:20p.m. from in front of my house in Cutler Ridge and on the way to the acupuncture clinic in Kendall..twenty minute drive.

As I got up high on the turnpike, had a good view of the sky and horizon...Beautiful gauzed up clouds, with the sun shining on and through them...Purple haze all over, settling down into all the residential and commercial areas in the western areas of Kendall, the Hammocks, perhaps..really for miles and miles around..but not as far west as the Everglades...

Then, saw another one being made, coming up from the west, and continuing over to the east.... shortly thereafter another one from near there started.... not quite parallell... got some good pictures..Then when I almost reached my destination, the newer one crossed the older one, which was typically dripping... the plane spraying the "contrail" glinted in the sun..  So, a new X was made right over me... I had stopped the car and was taking pictures out of the window, by then... some people came over and thought I was crazy, of course!  This was about 6:40 p.m.  Had to go on in to clinic, and it was dark soon after.  One last check out the front window, both X's were still up there....took one last shot.

There are more contrails in the sky today, March 19th, and faint purple haze; I took more still pictures... had another allergic like attack today from these things..the third day of contrails in a row.... eye pain, eye gumminess, could hardly breathe, coughing..but at least not the sore throat, and bloody nose, which a lot of self medicating finally got rid of, and I feel very well now despite the allergic type attack.

Many, many people are sick here, with headaches, respiratory ailments, eye problems, sinus problems, "walking pneumonia"...friends who work in the hospital tell me that they can't keep up with the medical records.


Dee Rohe

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