Morgellons Disease Relief - TWO Patented protocols. They work extremely well together to get you back to where you want to be.

FIRST - I found something January 2006 called "Natural Cellular Defense", or "NCD", that stopped the Morgellons itching, stinging and burning in its tracks! It stopped the skin itching and burning, within 4 days!!  and has now almost completely cleared up the typical Morgellon  lesions that have been afflicting me for several years on my face, back, arms!

It seemed I would never be free from the itching, burning, stinging and ugly eruptions. But I never gave up my searching. Now at last, the lesions began to heal in only a few days of starting the Natural Cellular Defense
.. now I only have a few small ones. My medical doctor who had done a biopsy from a couple of skin lesions (which found nothing, of course) was really amazed.

I joined to become a distributor so I could buy it wholesale. Before this marvelous NCD, I had developed a regimen which helped somewhat to soothe the itching, slow the eruptions and get more energy and less brain fog,  but I no longer need to do all that, since getting at the problems from deep down with these two protocols. Being as I am a Florida licensed acupuncture physician and CNC (Certified Nutritional Counselor) and should have been able to know so much about herbal medicines, healing, etc., it was embarrassing that I hadn't found the answers to get relief for myself from Morgellons! It wasn't until Natural Cellular Defense, NCD, that the itching drastically disappeared. Then with the Second Protocol, gHP, true healing from inside has now begun for me. 

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or, you can call the customer order line 1 (866) 699-2467 and tell them Dee and Roy Rohe referred you. Our ID number is 885520. You can get just one bottle of NCD or a 4 pack at a savings. The glass bottle is the most for your money! That's the one I get now.

SECOND - Then I started taking a Human Growth Hormone precursor. It made a tremendous improvement in mood, stamina, strength and energy increase for me. My brain became very sharp and depression all gone! My appetite regulated itself and now I can eat just about whatever I want to. (Except for sugar and wine which I discovered makes the lesions flare up, no matter what. .) I feel like a happy kid again! My husband and I are blown away with the unbelievable results! In fact, because of my transformation, he started taking the gHP Sport and we both started swimming and lifting weights again. He's turned into a gorgeous hunk at the age of 70! I feel gorgeous, now! SomaLife is 99% bio-available when taken on an empty stomach. It's exclusive, cannot be gotten anywhere else and holds an international patent on the delivery system. My husband Roy and I will never be without it.

The "gHP Sport" is NSF and WADA certified; the "Youth Formula" has exactly the same ingredients and is $5 less. They both help you feel and perform better in every way with regular use. No charge to buy it wholesale, either!

This works from an entirely different angle than the NCD drops - works on the entire health and immune system, and rebuilds and recharges you from the DNA on up... together, NCD and gHP, they're dynamite! I'm enjoying life so very much again!

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Thanks for everything and God bless. Lets keep smiling!

I'm happy to share these protocols in order to help others.

Dee Rohe, CNC, AP
Cutler Bay, Florida